Directions from Lawrenceburg & Pulaski

Follow Hwy 64 West until you are 18 miles west of Lawrenceburg. 

 You will go under the Natchez Trace bridge. 

 Turn right onto the first road west of the Natchez Trace, Buttermilk Ridge Rd.  It will be an unmarked dirt road, across from a church and cemetery. 

Follow this road 10 miles. 

The pavement will turn into rock and tar for one mile.

While on the rock and tar, there will be 2 "Y"s...take the LEFT side of each "Y".

At the second "Y" the road will turn into dirt. Don't turn around. You are not lost.:)

Follow it until it turns back into pavement.

You will see a TN 99 W. sign pointing to the left up a big hill.

You are 2 miles from the campground. Just before you come to our road, you will see a yellow canoe on the right bank.

At the bottom of the hill on the RIGHT is HIDDEN VALLEY ROAD.

That will take you to the campground.

Call 1-800-339-5596 if you have any problems.