UK Bookmakers

Don't know where to get started with for your online betting? Sure, here's our Betting Exchange for you. A Betting Exchange is a kind of bookmaking by which the operator disturbs the betting risks with the help of technology. The result is, customers tending to bet between themselves. The plus point here is that you don't see as much of your betting profits vanishing into the bookie's pockets. Apparently similar to a stock exchange, here the operator acts as the broker.

You can either place the bet with an online sportsbetting site, or act the bookie posting your odds and staking, with people matching it. You can either go for the back (called accept) or the lay (called offer). The betting exchange sites keep a track of the lays and backs in the order that they are matched. Additionally, the Betting Exchange is a cheap way of interacting as compared to a bookmaker. Some of the popular betting exchanges like Betfair charge the winners 5% of their winnings when likened to rates like 10% to 20% for the bookmakers. The money covers the cost of running the exchange as well as leaves a meager margin for the owners.


This is the name of the world's leading betting exchange. Every bet placed here is done so by the users who want to bet for a selection or an outcome (known as back), or against a selection or outcome (known as lay). The bets are corresponded between participants with opposing views. Betfair also has an accomplished games portfolio including Betfair Casino, Betfair Poker and other exchange-enabled games. The company is licensed in the UK, Australia, Malta, Austria and Germany. This betting exchange allows you to control your bet and its outcome, choose the odds, and play on innovative games.

Bet365 Sportsbook and Casino

Here's one of the UK's leading betting sites. With a license since 1974, this betting exchange prides over 500 employees and takes above 350,000 bets each week from customers over 120 countries. Fresh customers receive a welcome kit, automatic entry in exclusive draws and a sign-up bonus. Renowned for their selection of live event propositions bet365 is the ultimate destination for in-game betting.

Bodog Sportsbook and Casino

Online since 1995, Bodog has been a leader in wagering, and single account access for casino games and sports. BoDog's Instant Checks give players a faster and safer transaction for both deposits and withdrawals. Licensed by the Costa Rican government, it offers a VIP rewards program, reduced seasonal specials and high payout odds.