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Canoeing Tips

Quite a few people lose things on the river, as a result we have come up with a few guidelines we strongly suggest you follow for a more enjoyable experience.

1. Wear shoes that tie or regular water shoes or sandals (Tevas) a lot of people loose flip-flops. We will not allow anyone to get in a boat barefoot. There are many sharp rocks in the river.

2. Pack all items in a water proof bag or dry bag)that you don't want to get wet, tie all items to the canoe, and leave at home things you don't want to loose, rings, watches, billfolds, money, necklaces, car keys, etc. You should not wear rings on the river, as you hands get wet the cold water causes fingers to shrink and rings commonly come off. Leave your car keys at the campground. We have a special location for car keys to be kept.

3. Bring towels, dry clothes and personal items for showers.

4. There are no fast food restaurants...McDonalds, Hardees, etc, within 14 miles, we have a camp store with snacks, soft drinks, water, and ice.

5. Bring sunscreen, and bug spray.

6. Bring something to keep glasses or sunglasses on. We also keep glasses leashes in stock most of the time for your purchase.

7. Bring back as much as you take with you ...cans bottles, paper, but please don't litter our river, pack out what you pack in. we want the next people down the river to have the same unspoiled experience as you. We support and practice  Leave No Trace wilderness ethics, and strongly urge you to also. For more information click here LNT.

8. If you are with a group, plan for a lead and a tail canoe, and no one should get out from between them.

9. Try to be on time, that way you don't hold us or the next group up.

10. If you must cancel...have the courtesy to call us and let us know.

11. All fisherman must have a Tennessee fishing license, the fine for fishing without a license is quite high.

12. All children under age 13 must wear their life jacket at all times, this is a state law, and is strictly enforced. This fine is also quite high. We do not allow anyone under the age of 6 in a canoe. The river can be too dangerous for the smaller children.